CEREC® in East Wenatchee WA

As one of the first dentists in Wenatchee, WA to implement this amazing technology, Dr. Michael makes it possible to get your restorations in just one visit.

Come to Us for Same-Day Crowns

CEREC being explained to one of Dr. Michael's patients in East Wenatchee

What is CEREC?

CEREC® is a computerized system perfected over the last 25 years by Sirona in Germany. It operates a robotic CAD/CAM milling machine that carves a precision ceramic crown in 5-10 minutes. The ceramic we use is manufactured by Vita, another German company (Vitablocs). This material has a long track record and has proven the test of time; it is also extremely bio-compatible, and very similar to tooth enamel. It is as if we have re-enameled the tooth!

Because of this revolutionary technology, this means a whole lot of benefits for you! Just at the tip of the iceberg, you’ll:

  • No longer need to wear annoying temporaries!

  • Have no need for a second appointment to get your crown!

  • Smile with confidence faster!

We're Not Kidding - Beautiful Crowns in One Appointment!

Why do our patients love CEREC®?

Dr. Michael has introduced Wenatchee to CEREC Same-day Crowns
Introducing CEREC to Wenatchee

We were the first dental practice to bring this astounding technology to the Wenatchee area. This has revolutionized our ability to provide the very finest dental services to our patients!

When your crown is in the hands of Dr. Tom Michael, it includes amazing benefits:

  • Personalized precision fit surpassing the best dental labs
  • Superior predictability
  • Bio-compatible
CEREC Same-day Crowns offers digital impressions
Comfortable, Digital Impressions

That’s right – no more annoying, goopy impressions! Thanks to the advancement of 3D technology, your dentist can easily and comfortably take digital impressions of your tooth in need of a crown.

In turn, your impressions are more precise and allow predictable and beautiful results.

CEREC Same-day Crowns make you feel like royalty and smile with pride
Smile With Pride and Confidence

As one of the few dentists in Wenatchee, WA who offers CEREC®, Dr. Michael can place your crown easily, and you’ll walk out of our office with a beautiful smile.

Rest assured, your same-day crown will:

  • Produce outstanding esthetics
  • Have a long-term durability
  • Be metal free
CEREC Same-day Crowns make you smile with pride and feel confident
Crowns Completed in One Visit

You heard that correctly! With this modern technology, crowns can be beautifully designed and placed in just one appointment.

This means you no longer need to wear ill-fitting temporaries or come back for a second visit! It’s faster, easier, better.

Disadvantages? NONE!

Look at These Fantastic Results!

Before a patient has experienced CEREC Same-day Crowns
After a patient has experienced successful CEREC Same-day Crowns

Thank you so much for your concern over my “fallen” crown! I had no doubts it would be properly replaced.

Crystal (Actual Patient)

Love CEREC as Much as We Do

Say "YES" to conveniences and a beautiful smile! Before you make your decision, download our FREE resources about CEREC® and Same-Day Crowns for Wenatchee.

How does CEREC® work?

How is it even possible to get your crowns done in one appointment? We have the information for that. Download our FREE infographic and you’ll learn:

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  • Why you’ll love CEREC®

  • What CEREC® stands for

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To choose same-day crowns or not to choose same-day crowns?

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Learn (for free!):

  • Five biggest reasons the type of material in your crown matters

  • Six biggest drawbacks to traditional crowns

  • Eight incredible advantages of same-day crowns

Let’s throw some humor your way. This is what happens when you do NOT use CEREC®!

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Save time and gain peace of mind.

At Michael Dental, we’re dedicated to incorporating the best-proven methods into our practice. With CEREC, you’ll save time, money, and your smile.

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