Cosmetic Dentistry

Using innovative technology to brighten, whiten, and improve your smile in East Wenatchee.

Our Cosmetic Dentistry Services

  • Bleaching

  • Crowns

See What Our Cosmetic Dentist Can Do!

EVERYTHING we do is cosmetic! Every filling, every crown - you name it! Our results are gorgeous and look just like your natural teeth. We also excel at dental services that are performed purely for cosmetic reasons.
Teeth Whitening

It is normal to want a bright smile you can be proud of. Thanks to modern teeth whitening, it is possible to enhance your smile in a few short visits. Our in-house whitening system is comfortable and can whiten your smile by a number of shades. It is safe, effective, and fast.


Crowns are necessary for many reasons: a traumatic accident, severe decay, after root canal therapy, cracked tooth syndrome, or cracking and decay around large fillings. We make crowns with the CEREC® machine, which crafts your crown in ONE appointment.


This treatment is completely non-invasive, makes your smile more attractive, and is GOOD for your teeth (improves bacterial balance in the mouth, contains fluoride). If you want to look your best, bleach your teeth!

Great dentist: Wonderful office with a very kind staff. They get to know you personally and are very considerate. Dr. Michael is a fantastic dentist and is very up-to-date on all new procedures.

Carol (Actual Patient)

CEREC® Same-day Dentistry

Uniting cosmetic dentistry with restorative care to give you beautiful teeth.
Same-Day Care

Dr. Michael can design, create, and place beautiful restorations in just one visit to our office.

Comfortable Treatment

With the use of advanced 3D technology, we say “goodbye” to goopy, uncomfortable impressions.

Outstanding Results

Enjoy a metal-free, natural-looking, durable crown, which enhances the esthetics of your smile.

Boost Your Smile and Your Confidence
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