Introducing PerioLase®

The first laser treatment to reverse gum disease.

The Only Clinic Who Uses LANAP® in Wenatchee

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NOW...We're the only clinic in NCW with a PerioLase® and a license to perform LANAP® - the first and only FDA-approved laser treatment to reverse gum disease.

Gum disease is a chronic degenerative health condition. If you are susceptible, pathogenic bacteria are eating into your skull, causing the destruction of bone and poisoning your entire body. There are strong links between gum disease and other health problems, such as heart disease and cancer. That is the bad news.


How can we help?

The good news is, we can fix it! Finally, there is an FDA-approved protocol to not only treat gum disease (technically referred to as periodontal disease) but also to reverse much of the damage that the disease has caused. This is a REGENERATIVE procedure that enables lost bone to grow back and gums to reattach to the roots of the teeth. Previous treatments have been amputation, involving further loss of bone and gum along with numerous side effects such as unesthetic root exposure, sensitivity, increased likelihood of root decay, and severe pain after the procedure. LANAP® is minimally invasive with none of these grave issues, along with virtually no pain afterwards.

If you have gum disease, you need LANAP® at our Wenatchee practice.

LANAP Wenatchee

This is a no-brainer. The only reason I made the large investment to purchase one and become certified and licensed on the procedure is that I STRONGLY believe this to be the best treatment available for gum disease - by far! If I had gum disease, this is the treatment I would seek. There is nowhere else in NCW to refer patients for this invaluable treatment. And it was the last piece of the puzzle for the ultimate high-tech dental practice.

I will also reiterate that TEETH ARE IMPORTANT! After nearly 30 years in dental practice, it never ceases to amaze me how many people don’t realize this! Just try and imagine - go ahead, try - what your life would be like without your teeth! It is emotionally devastating for anyone to lose their teeth...for good reason! Just don’t go there; very few people have to (only those whom we caught the gum disease too late).

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