As a dentist in Wenatchee, your comfort during treatment is our greatest concern. We all use a feather-touch, and make absolutely certain that we never hurt anyone. If you would like a break during treatment at any time, we stop on your command. We offer complementary (free) oral sedation with Halcion, which I highly recommend for all anxious patients (when you are happy, I am happy). The difference it makes in your comfort is night and day! Just be sure to have a ride arranged, you should not drive a car for the rest of the day.

You will be amazed at how casual dental treatment has become…high technology makes a huge difference in comfort and speed of treatment. ¬†We take pride in being extremely efficient, and are able to complete huge amounts of treatment (when necessary) in a very short time, with minimal appointments (oftentimes one).

VERY NEW: We now use a fantastic product called Onset with our anesthesia. All anesthetics come acidic from the manufacturers, purely for shelf life. Onset is a system that buffers the anesthetics immediately before we use them; this makes numbing far more comfortable, immediate, more profound with greater predictability, and virtually no soreness afterwards!